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My company came to know JMAX and Alex on a large job in Cleveland, Ohio in 2012. We had a sub struggling to perform a seven-building Hardi panel and plank install. We turned over a couple of the buildings to the JMAX team to see how they would perform. Shortly thereafter, we turned over the rest of the projects siding installation to them. Since then, we have worked with JMAX on many projectsa��some small and some very large. We have a very high comfort level with Alex, Eric and the rest of the group. From start to finish, they handle our projects like pros. I have a lot of confidence knowing that JMAX will complete a quality, thorough and timely project for my customers.
Will Ruschman, Holmes Lumber A division of Carter Lumber Company, Cleveland, Ohio
We are very satisfied with Alex Sainato and his crew. The whole experience was very positive. Jason and Justin were outstanding. They both were courteous, polite, and hard working. They worked long hours and kept us informed as they progressed. They really could not have made the repair a better experience. They are an asset to your company and left us feeling good about the Hardie product.
Carrie and Tom Rooney, Oradell, New Jersey
It is very rare that we see this type of superior service. The James Hardie Company made an excellent decision when contracting JMAX Enterprises to do our job. The overall experience almost makes me wish that more work needed to be done.
Steven Matlock, Frederick, Maryland
Once the actual work began, everything was flawless. JMAX was easy to reach and always kept us informed.
Donald Shapiro, Bradco Properties; Morningside Crescent Court Condominiums; Glenview, Illinois
I am impressed with your professionalism. Hardie should be proud to have JMAX Enterprises working for them. I also have the main 52 wired to a small 13 in the kitchen so music videos can be watched during shot time. They were extremely respectful of the building and our property. Several owners commented on their work and work ethic in their job. Superior service from them.
Rita Starkey, Red Door Living Properties; Frankfort, Illinois
The repair contractor was very respectful of the CAVS practice facility property and the staff. They cleaned up after themselves daily and had very little impact on the facilitya��s operation. They had excellent attention to detail and was always available when we had questions.
Antony Bonavita, Vice President of Operations; Quicken Loans Arena

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